Rapid Gender Analysis of the Chattogram Division Flash Flood and Monsoon Rain 2023


The August 2023 flash floods and monsoon rains across Bangladesh resulted in unprecedented damage, especially in Chattogram Division, leading to widespread devastation and displacement. The districts of Bandarban, Chattogram, Cox's Bazar, and Rangamati experienced severe landslides, extensive road damage, and power outages.

About 1.3 million people across 39 upazilas in Chattogram division were affected and approximately 51 per cent of families in flood-affected areas were forced to leave their homes. Chattogram had the highest overall number of affected people (732,677), followed by Cox’s Bazar (479,203), Rangamati (66,516), and Bandarban (43,352). However, the displacement rate was highest in Bandarban, with approximately 74 per cent of people in flood-affected areas forced to leave.

This rapid gender analysis (RGA) prepared by the Gender in Humanitarian (GiHA) working group Bangladesh assesses the differential impacts of these disasters on women, men, girls, boys, and gender-diverse groups. This report underscores the need to engage with local organisations that are often first responders, have access to rural and remote areas, and are also impacted by disasters. In this engagement, an emphasis needs to be placed on the safety and security of women, girls, people with disabilities, older people, and people from the hijra community. There also needs to be supported to local government and local organisations regarding the development of early warning dissemination materials and strengthening of early warning mechanisms, especially for marginalised groups

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