Award for the Country Representative of UN Women Viet Nam

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ms Suzette Mitchell, Country Representative for UN Women Viet Nam accepts her medal “For the cause of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs.

Ha Noi, Wednesday 11th May 2011 - Suzette Mitchell, Country Representative of UN Women Viet Nam, was awarded the Medal “For the cause of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs. The award acknowledges her great contribution to the improvement of gender equality and for the advancement of women in Viet Nam.

Suzette first came to Viet Nam as a UN Volunteer in 1997. In her acceptance speech she spoke about her love of Viet Nam. “I came to Viet Nam because I loved the country and the people and I wanted to work for the betterment of gender issues. In the 15 years since then, gender issues in Viet Nam have changed radically, with the new Gender Equality Law in 2006 the Domestic Violence Law in 2007, and most recently the National Strategy for Gender equality, approved by the Prime Minister in December last year. She has been working as Country Representative at UN Women since 2007.

UN Women plays an important role in undertaking the joint program between the government of Viet Nam and the United Nations on Gender Equality. The Standing Vice Minister Nguyen Thanh Hoa also emphasized that awarding the medal to Ms Suzette Mitchell was to recognise the close working relationship between UN agencies and the Government of Viet Nam.