Landmarks in Myanmar’s Post-2011 Peace Process

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The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement in Myanmar: A Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Analysis

Designed to enrich the implementation of Myanmar's Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) from a gender equality standpoint, this publication profiles and analyses women’s participation in the nationwide ceasefire negotiations. It emphasises the fact that the ongoing peace process in Myanmar must include a critical mass of gender-aware and capacitated women who can strategically influence agenda setting, processes, peace deliberations and their outcomes. It highlights the normative reasons for women’s engagement and a range of practical benefits that women’s inclusion contributes to the sustainability of peace, development and reform efforts. It also provides a detailed analysis of the NCA from a gender equality and women’s rights perspective, highlighting its strengths and limitations, providing a set of recommendations that draw on the perspectives of Myanmar women and on global good practices on ceasefire and peace agreements. This publication is intended to be a resource that informs the content and process of the ongoing peace deliberations, which aim at achieving a long-term peace accord or agreement.

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