Independent report: 25 year-implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action in Viet Nam from perspective of the youth in Viet Nam


The independent report was developed by a group of 20 Vietnamese young people with technical and financial support from the UN Women Viet Nam Country Office. It focus on five issues: (1) legislation on gender equality: (2) poverty eradication and economic empowerment of women; (3) violence against women and gender stereotypes; (4) women in power and decision-making; (5) rural women and ethnic minority women. All five selected issues directly and indirectly affect both male and female youth, and include potential negative impacts for their futures if these issues are not resolved. Young women, including rural women and ethnic minorities, have limited opportunities in employment, property ownership, healthcare and promotion to leadership positions. These limitations negatively affect young women’s economic and political status in the family and society.

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